Go Seek Love

through love

Last night I had a remarkable dream. I dreamed that I was LOVE. I had no body. I was free like the wind without being able to hold on to anything. But, I was LOVE. I had no judgment, intolerance, bigotry, or negativity. I was just LOVE. Every person who came in my proximity felt me, sensed me, but couldn’t explain their openness and divinity that allowed light to penetrate without a single rejection, opinion or heartache. It was just love. Because I was like the wind, they couldn’t hold me. Because I was vastness, they couldn’t contain me. Because I was invisible, they couldn’t judge. I was able to mold into their souls and radiate truth of self-worth, authentic power, and appreciation for humanity. It was mystical. I fit inside every spirit and still had unlimited abundance of love to give. I was endless. I was the energy of the cosmos. And, in a moment of truth…while giving to those who forgot their love, I lost myself and became my human form again. I returned to my body while holding on to a homeless man begging on the corner of a busy street. He and I wept allowing the simple truth of our humanness.

We are forever connected through LOVE. We are divine beings who have forgotten our worth and how much we are affected by each other. In our consciousness we know that love is the origin that seeds us all together, planting hope for our future. But, we have forgotten how to portray this to ourselves.  We have become stagnate in thinking that loving ourselves too much is selfish.  It’s not.  It’s imperative.  How can we love another if we don’t value ourselves to the most ultimate level?  How can we give if we don’t own it?  

Go seek love inside.  Go seek love in yourself and truly see the beauty that you are.  I love you. I love you. I love you with all that is truth, magical, faithful, and instrumental to your existence. Know your worth! You are powerful. We are connected through this lifeline of goodness. Remember! Don’t run away from it. Embrace it…and return to LOVE! Most people close up because they’ve been hurt.  The hurt comes from expectations.  But, when you truly love another you have no expectations.  You accept their greatness and those things that do not resonate in you.  We learn from these challenges.  The thought that you are alone is an erroneous perspective. It’s an illusion. Breathe and feel your heart expand and connect to all there is. You are the ALL!  Together we are ONENESS!

10 thoughts on “Go Seek Love

  1. There’s that word again — expectations. While I’ve laid some to rest, I struggle with others. Mostly the ones I was taught to have through the expectations my parents had for each other, for me, for my brother, and for other people. The ones that are ingrained in us from birth though we don’t know it until we’re older.

    Funny how I have no expectations of my dogs any more. I accept them as the dogs that they are — even though I call them my “babies” — sweet, loving souls without malice or prejudice. When they do something I don’t like, I just accept it as “a dog being a dog” and move on. (I wish Sam would learn to do the same.) But when Sam or another human does something I don’t like? Oh boy! My reaction can range from mere annoyance (that is quickly forgotten) to major strings of cuss words. (Or threats of divorce mumbled under my breath out of range of his hearing.) Those are the times when I get away from the source and make myself calm down.
    All on account of those damned expectations.

    1. It’s amazing how we choose what we expect from others? You don’t expect anything from your babies. You don’t expect anything but unconditional love. So, why not shift that into your life? It’s all a matter of shifting consciousness. I think I am suffering from some memory loss. I seem to forget everything and just live for what I can do today. Well…except today…today I am feverish in bed overcoming a small cold. And, as much as there are things to be done around here I know I must honor my body and what it is trying to fight off. No expectations of anything left! Have a good day, sweet friend.

      1. Hope you feel better soon my dear friend!! I am sending you healing energy as I type.

        I’ve been working on the consciousness shifting, but I struggle with it. Especially when Sam is yelling at the television because one Braves player or another swings at a ball he shouldn’t have or doesn’t swing at one he should have. Or, when he yells at Ducky for barking too much. Oy vay (as my Jewish friends would say).

  2. Reading this an understanding came to me. This is what I strive for everyday…to be love, simply love. I love you Millie Mestril with all my heart. The many things you help me see and understand are priceless to me. Thank you so very much for this one

  3. Gunnar

    So lovely! Beyond words, even in my own language(Norwegian) Your post helps me to keep on going with my “mission”. I just want to thank you again, I send you my LOVE and LIGHT<3

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