Whispers from Divine

divine divinity

I love guests who sit and I can ask for their stories. This week we’ve had a couple and their two adorable children staying in the cottage. Today after Bobbie and I spread gravel on the driveway I asked her to sit for a minute with us. She shared that she’s a Lutheran Pastor. So of course I had to ask her if I could get intimate with her by asking a few valuable questions. Shelly looked at me and said, “I will try my best to answer.”

What is God?” I asked.

She was taken aback for a split second. “Oh, wow, God is….there is no definition. God is everything good but He’s the all.” She smiled and her face lit in such a way that I could feel her passion for faith. She continued with a few adjectives, description and stopped enough to compose herself. I think I caught her off guard with that question. But…her answer is invaluable.

What does the world need more of?”

She answered, “These are really good questions. The world needs more good. More of God. More of love and honor and faith. The world needs so much of what is available but most don’t get it. We live in such a rich society. It isn’t until you go elsewhere that you realize how privilege we really are in this country.”

I asked her about her sweet husband. He works for a non-profit organization. He travels to Haiti. They, as a couple, lived in Haiti for a while before having their children. She described her experience as humbling and priceless. Kent writes Christian books about such experiences. I was in awed of her humility, the way she shares her smile along with her faith, and the way love exudes them both when they are in each others’ presence. There is a connection of respect, awareness, and spirituality. Once she shared I understood what I was witnessing for days when they would walk the property.

I ask these questions a lot to strangers who I feel will be receptive to them. I love the answers. But hers was so openly available. She didn’t hesitate. She immediately expressed with her hands and her light brown eyes the love for God. There is magic and mysticism in those who walk in awareness of Spirit. There is certainty even in the unknown.

I recently read somewhere that the essence of faith was being satisfied with all that is Divine/God in us. I am paraphrasing since I can’t remember the exact wording and who quoted this. Heck, with my memory I probably have screwed up the entire quote. The point is that we might not like the lessons but they are there for the highest evolution of the soul. What do we need to release? What are we needing to learn? How many times do I need to go through the same drama? When do I start to surrender to the unknown?

Spirit moves us through each touch of a stranger, a hug from a friend and an act of kindness when you don’t need anything in return. Character is our strength through allowance of love. The essence of faith is not in prayer and then trying to control the situation. The essence of faith is in complete surrender to whatever the Divine has for us. The more good you do the more good returns. This cycle of life is about loving to the infinite degree and trusting that which cannot be seen to guide us. You are all AWEsome! Let go and let your intuition guide you through the whispers of divinity!


3 thoughts on “Whispers from Divine

  1. silentwindofchange

    Loved this and would have enjoyed hearing these and other peoples’ answers as well. Sounds like a possible book for you 🙂

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