People will ask of you

People will ask a lot from you. They will ask for help, expecting answers, needing favors, connecting with your light, sometimes sucking the life force from your truth. You can help another. Honor their feelings, but by no means take on their pain, their anger, selfish disorders, mental illnesses, toxic energy or their needs and wants. You are only responsible for you!!! We are here to learn and serve without expectations. The moment someone interferes in your realm of calmness your spirit begins to get uptight. Feel that emotion and go with your gut. If it doesn’t feel like love then you are being guided to not interfere. You have a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice in helping another. “No!” is a complete sentence…it’s how you say it…always say thank you after those words. But, remember the difference between helping and enabling. That thin line is not suppose to be used for jumping rope. I love you. Honor YOU. Be gentle with you. And, most of all LOVE YOURSELF enough to put you in the number one spot in your life. You got this! Have a blessed day.


4 thoughts on “People will ask of you

  1. Thank you goes a long way. The women I live with, mother and daughter are very harsh when they speak. When I offer something the response I get is usually an abrupt no. Like I offered to slaughter their prized pet. I brush it off because you can’t train grown folks to be polite. But when they offer me wheter yes or no I follow with thank you in hopes it will rub off.

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