Fallen Tree

A giant tree fell in the forest

while it rained last night.

It didn’t ask the other trees

for permission,

or waited to be supported

by human hands,

but cautiously landed

without disturbing,

missing everything

in its path.

Its root system now salutes the sky

and I touch what’s left

from its existence

tampering the leftover energy

it held while living among

the forest

as decay starts to take place.

There is little grounding left

to what once was upright.

You are like the tree

falling over and never

allowing anyone to help

get you up.

You don’t ask for help

while desperately tipping

into your loneliness –

a dark forest of the unknown.

I sat on the edge of the bark

trying to find the spirit

from the tree’s energy.

I thought of you.

I want to be part of the ground

that supports the earth

around you

even through torrential downpours.

I want you to lean on me

when you feel you can’t hang

to faith,

as you silently disappear

into the woods of depression.

I exited the forest

clenching hope in my hands

praying that you will find me

leaning gently against you

even if we are worlds apart

from one another.

You are not a tree living

in an isolated world.

You are a child of the Divine

rooted into the earth

and all there is to learn

will come with surrendering

to the miracle of life.


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