Reason for Life


Yesterday I went to visit a sweet neighbor who has been a bit under the weather. As I was leaving, while opening up the front door he asked from his recliner, “Why are we here?”

Instinctively, without hesitation I held the door open and answered, “To love, be of service and learn for the highest evolution of our soul.”

He mumbled under his oxygen line, “That’s a load of crap!”

It stopped me. I was taken aback. How dare I give such an opinion when I could see he was struggling with a decent answer to the purpose of life.

I then added, “That is a really good question. It’s a powerful one.”

We said our goodbyes. I got in the car and felt a tug of disappointment in myself. I felt I owed him an apology. Who left me in charged of such a loaded question to answer so bluntly. I haven’t a clue. This is my belief but it can be completely wrong. He wanted the answer that has been constant in our existence. I could have said, “You know maybe we are the lab rats for a universal experiment. And, we are surely failing at that.” But that’s not my belief.

I don’t know if what I experienced was real when I had my near death experience. I don’t know if the things I see and feel are real either whenever I tap into conscious awareness through prayer, meditation or just sitting in nature. I don’t know what tricks the brain could be playing with me. I don’t know what faith really is in the scope of answers. I don’t know what anything is to be honest. But, I do know what I feel as my truth: there is something greater within us. There is an abstract force of nature that moves through love, kindness, compassion and service to humanity. I am following that which reaches into my core on a daily basis to exist in this world. I must. I have done the wondering and pondering of such extraordinary loaded questions. I don’t know for him. He is struggling with something of an existential crisis of faith. He’s had a lot happen to him. I do know this to be true and I admire his tenacity.

To be asked such a deep provoking question as I am leaving, wobbling with a hurt foot, pain shooting through my leg…I don’t know. I have to believe that the answer lies within each soul. What I believe to be real is my perception but not necessarily any one else’s reality. This is not a one-size-fits-all mentality. This is life and the purpose of it is personal and filled with secrets.

SO to my darling gentleman: I am so sorry for blurting out that answer without filtering its contents. You know I love you. I will be back to explore this further over coffee. I promise!


One thought on “Reason for Life

  1. If his health is deteriorating his reason for living will be something else. If he’s young and unable to get around he is mad and doesn’t want to hear about love and being of service to anyone. When you’re chronically ill you slip into dark areas of depression. There for what he thinks the purpose of life is today may be different than what he thinks it is tomorrow. Either way as you say there is no one answer to fit all. We all have our own beliefs of the purpose for living.

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