Your Wholeness


Integrity. This has been the word for the week. It is what makes you righteous, whole, and truthful. It’s your word. How many of us say one thing and do the complete opposite? That’s an example of not living through integrity.

I have been witnessing the need to clear things up…through my truth and moral beliefs. I am purging, not just clutter in the home but past issues, old paradigms, and relationships that are not in alignment with my honor.

DO NOT tell me who you are. Show me through your actions. Do not promise me something that you know very well you won’t follow through. Just be you. BE the WHOLENESS of your essence without pretending, compromising your word, or breaking your authentic nature. That’s all.

Just this morning I witnessed a child of 20 months show me her wholeness and value. I heard her in her room so I opened the door catching her sitting on her bed. She extended an arm way out and said, “Nooooo. No, Mama….no!” I stepped back and realized she needed more time to herself. I walked out and closed the door. Ten to fifteen minutes later she called for me and we began our morning. She was in all her truth and knowing that I would understand. I completely honor this in its simplest form. She didn’t need me to get her up just because she was talking in there. She needed her time. She showed me that when she’s ready she will call me by name. Our perception and interpretations get in the way of how we value others and ourselves. She has not learned the distinction, therefore following her instincts and desires is all that is expected from her.

No one is expecting perfection. No one wants what you cannot provide. Even a toddler will show you exactly who they are if you are willing to pay attention. Live within the means of what you believe and can accomplish. NO ONE or anything is worth the loss of your integrity. Sometimes it is like your virginity…once it’s gone there’s no getting it back. There is no trust or re-do button that can fix it. And, it starts from childhood. Standing your ground. Stand in your honor and worth.

Live in the sweetest bubble of virtue. Let YOUR life be an example of who you are through love, laughter and actions….! You know exactly what and who you are. If you don’t then you need to sit and contemplate for a while. If you don’t know how to find your wholeness then how the hell can you expect another to do it for you?

8 thoughts on “Your Wholeness

  1. “Our perception and interpretations get in the way of how we value others and ourselves. She has not learned the distinction, therefore following her instincts and desires is all that is expected from her.”~~~~so true. Good thoughts to think about as I start my day.

  2. Gaby Casebonne

    I am catching up with my “Moments bits of Enlightenment” as I have been busy lately and all are truly inspirational … but this one struck a chord! What comes to me is “To thine own self be true”.
    If you are just frustrated with your life and feel that things just aren’t quite right and you yearn to find peace and happiness, go within and check out if you’re living in or on your purpose. A purpose that is important to you! This is what this writing is saying to me. No one will know but you. Stop cutting corners, not recycling when it is easier to just throw everything in one trash bin, perhaps telling a little white lie just to appease a situation or people, etc. It is important to have integrity with the world but what about being truthful and honoring yourself… show integrity to yourself.
    Thanks Millie!!!

    1. Thank you, Gaby. Your words are powerful. We all have a purpose. I think the problem is that most don’t feel they do. I love you and miss you. I hope you come back soon. You are deep in my heart and prayers.

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