New Blog ~ ECHO

Hello my friends.  I have started a new blog for sharing stories about those who don’t have a voice.  Please feel free to go to  I am still trying to figure out how to add things to it. Building a website is not my thing…I have no techie gene!  I ask that you check it every so often until I can figure out how to add the follow this page button.

You can also check out the FB

Thank you for your constant love and support.  This new page is for everyone.  I would love to receive submissions.  You can go on About ECHO and find that information.

Mucho love…Millie


8 thoughts on “New Blog ~ ECHO

  1. It’s working. I’m following, too. And, believe me, I understand and empathize completely about being “a writer not a web designer”!! I want to revamp my own blog — and dedicate it to my sweet Callie — but I don’t have any idea of where to start! And, speaking of Callie, thank you for the beautiful sympathy card. Sam and I appreciate it more than we can put into words. LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!

  2. PS. WordPress tech support has a pretty good help section, and a Blogging 101 online course as well. I know you don’t have a whole lot of time on your hands, but they are good about getting back to you within a few days when you leave questions.

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