BEcome the light you want in this world

photo (1)

A few days ago our pint-size teacher stood in the living room trying to eat the light coming from the glass doors. She was trying to catch it with her hands.  She continued chasing it while keeping her mouth open twirling and falling and getting back up again. She wanted to eat the light as it was entering her space.  Her dance was magical as she was in her own moment of joy. Light attracts to light. We bring into our essence that which we put out. We are huge lighthouses helping others find their way.  Sometimes our light gets dim and we need to be recharged. It’s in those times that we need to find Divinity to guide us in creating more light or chasing it from nature.

I want to chase the light and eat it. I want to feel the presence of love and pure divinity on my skin like it shows on hers. I want to feel the essence of illumination coming from inside and outwards into the world.  I don’t have to see it.  I just want to feel it as much as possible.

May you not only chase rainbows and unicorns…but all the light the world has to offer you! BEcome that which you are but have forgotten.  Let your love and light shine from within!

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