Secrets of a Joyful Journey


Look at you

trying to carry the world

on your shoulders

while feeling unhappiness,

sharing sad stories,

playing the martyr

in this drama of life.

You are only responsible for you

and all that you create

in your life.

Don’t you know that you get

to choose your thoughts?

Don’t you get that

each emotion

is of your creation?

You want a decent life?

You want peace, faith, and security?

You first have to get out of

your thoughts,

your past beliefs of control,

and finally trust in the mysteries of the Universe.

Step out into the unknown,

live simple and consciously.

Laugh until joy sheds tears

cleaning your face of turmoil,

mapping the outline of divinity.

Love everyone

as they are, even those who’ve

hurt your inner core.

They played their role

in teaching you about

strength, acceptance, and worth.

Forgive yourself,

and then the rest will fade

into a mystical abyss.

Don’t look into the mirror of the past,

focus on the road ahead…

you will never be able

to make a U-turn.

If you are compelled to judge,

take a look at your imperfections first,

witness their beauty,

and accept all the lessons

they have taught you.

When you speak

first let a smile

polish your teeth,

breathe deeply,

and use comforting words,

even in the darkest moments

the sound of sweetness

can light the way.

The world won’t feel so heavy

and eventually you will not

be carrying it on your shoulders

because you will have

become the world

and all who inhabit it.

12 thoughts on “Secrets of a Joyful Journey

  1. Ah – you have done some difficult learning. My heart feels it. I am there, too – and as I learn, I am free! May you also drink deeply of your new freedom. I hear it between your words!

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