11 thoughts on “Remains

      1. its my pleasure that i read you each day 🙂 and i am really impressed for your blog is so warm and lovely.. filled with the nicest of thoughts, perhaps a representation of your soft heart 🙂

      2. Likewise dear friend. I wish I could take credit for the words. They come from A place of Divine energy. I am still in complete awed that people take the time to read this blog. Once again- many thanks.

      3. its not about taking the time.. i think it is about having the intention and being open to people who have something very precious to share.. reading you brings me a smile and i think i come back just for that 🙂

      4. 🙂 well dear, i wish you the best! i hope that you attain all that you wish to and be as happy as this blog and your words dancing here.. take care and stay inspired! 🙂

      5. and so are we 🙂 and the common thread that connects us is our sensitivity to the world around us.. and i can understand that somewhere writing makes us complete as individuals and as souls that wish to provide.

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