Back to Me

I fell into you

like a diver jumps into depth



and magically

as if the cosmos found the place

where treasures lie

right inside of you and me.

I found you

as you were desperately

searching for me,

and once again

we are lost out at sea.

Poseidon created a giant wave

to bring you safely back

and I’ve put my mermaid fins,

swam to your side,

listening to you share

the truth of all your past

with vulnerability.

Now you finally let the salt waters

drain you,

clean you,

and make way to an open

receiving heart.

I am here to hold your hand,

clear your tears,

and love you as you are.

Love hasn’t had time elapse

as you and I become one

again and again.

I want to stay a while in these waters,



holding on to one another,

riding the waves to the shore

where we can eventually

stand and walk

to the world of the unknown

without any anchors holding

us down ever again.

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