Peaceful Quest Retreats is Closing

pqr closing

The past 5-1/2 years of our lives in Peaceful Quest Retreats have been a true university of spirit. We have learned so much about others and the purpose of our own lives. It’s been an enriching experience of heart and soul. There was never a single moment of avoiding life because we were living through the many folks who walked through our doors. Bobbie and I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to invite so many strangers into our lives.

As of January 1st of 2016, Peaceful Quest Retreats will be closed. We will not be taking any further reservations. It will no longer be a motel or retreat center. We are closing the doors to a business but not friendships. We are closing doors to one side of this venture while allowing for so many other opportunities to appear. Excitement is in the air! A sense of awesomeness is right around the corner. We welcome the chance to travel and experience life through other venues. This beautiful place has been the starting point for other paths. Each step we take carries with it gratitude, humility, and a reminder to continue loving while trusting in something higher than ourselves. The stories here have allowed us to step out of ourselves and accept what is truly important.

We have seen kindness and generosity during these past few years. Usually it has arrived from the most unexpected sources while taking the heart to another level of compassion. Thank you for partaking in our lives. Thank you for the stories, opening your hearts to us, and allowing us to become part of your lives even if for a day. This place has been magical. It has been a place for healing and growth. We wish you a wonderful new year. It’s been an honor having you stay with us. May you continue following your dreams no matter where they take you…embrace the change with child-like wonder!

15 thoughts on “Peaceful Quest Retreats is Closing

  1. Sandra Seley

    I am so grateful to have spent a few nights at your place. It truly is a magical place for those who can see through the veil. I know you will find the place that needs you next. Thanks for being there when the universe needed me to make the journey. I thought it was to stay at your motel, but it was to get me on the right road at the right time for an amazing event that I will always remember. Spending three wonderful, quiet days wandering through your forest garden was a greatly needed respite from a very long and difficult battle. It gave me the rest I needed to carry on and see it out. I understand now that I was in the fight of my life; one I’m grateful I was able to see to its conclusion. It was definitely worthwhile and you and your mountain will always be remembered fondly because of that! Never forget, that as a muse, you rarely get validation or rewards for the inspiration in your wake, but the world is much better because of you.

  2. Oh Millie, what can I say other than I love you as a sister, a friend, and feel like we’ve known each other all our lives! I wish we could have come up for many more visits, but it wasn’t meant to be. Now I shall wish you all the best and happiest moments as you pursue new adventures. That goes for Bobbie too, of course! Love to all of you!!

  3. And, yes, PQR IS magical! It transformed us each time we visited you with the girls. And I know Callie and Shadow adored Angie, too. She has a special place in their hearts and now a Golden guardian angel watching over her. I wish – in some ways – that Sam and I could buy the place from you; but the magic of the place is at least in large part due to your and Bobbie’s beautiful souls. It would never be the same without you “girls”.

  4. Jenni McCleary

    Hi. I just did a search online for you guys, because my mom was trying to make reservations. I just read her this, and she’s so sad! We have always loved going there. Thank you for the memories!
    Good luck to you on your new adventure in life!

    1. Hello! It was bought over and I believe the new folks will be opening it up soon. Pls continue to check on it periodically. They look like they are fixing it up. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Jenni McCleary

        Oh, thanks for letting me know. I will pass the info to my mom 🙂 Teresa Smith, you may or may not remember her. Anyways, she will be excited to know her grandkids still have a chance to visit!
        I am glad I discovered your blog, though…beautiful writing!

      2. YES! Omg…yes. They always stayed in room 7. They came with their bikes. Your parents are awesome. Let them know that it will be opened under the same name, I believe. The new owners seem to be fixing it up. I left back in January. So, I don’t know what their plans are but I am living down the street and it looks like they are gonna re-open soon. Thank you!!!! Hope I see your folks when they are in town.

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