Writing your new chapter

new chapter

Our lives evolve into on-going stories. Every year there are chapters that read like a mystery, dramatic, whimsical, adventure, travel or romance novel. Within 365 days there could be several different styles of short stories all advancing into the evolution and growth of our lives. Here’s another year and we get a blank slate. The older I get the more aware I am becoming of the privilege that arrives from each new day and the chance to create and align to my dreams. If we are honest with our desires and dreams we can encourage the stories to be joyful, challenging, loving, and exciting (among other beautiful surprises). If we are dormant or dishonest with our feelings then another year will pass and the chapters will be uneventful and boring. Have you ever picked up a book after reading the back or the jacket and thought, “Wow, I can’t wait to get started on this journey?” Then you begin the adventure to find that it really isn’t a good novel so you struggle to continue to the end, or you just give up. Well Life is just like that…you have a choice to see the next year as a great story. You get to decide if it’s worth struggling to reach a goal or not worth the effort. You get to write your beginning and ending. NO ONE can do that for you unless you give them the pen. This is your life! Start today. Make the next 52 weeks about you. Don’t settle and don’t deny your dreams in order conform to another who is writing their own book. You are the protagonist of your story. And, also notice that if your stories hold several antagonists then you need to start dumping those characters. It’s not fair to your novel. Your higher self deserves the respect that it provides for you through those passionate ideas, dreams, and joyful moments. I believe this is a year of spiritual evolution for many of us. Let’s make it a memorable one.

4 thoughts on “Writing your new chapter

  1. We must have been sharing a muse. My post on the 6th is using life as a book in a metaphor also. I wrote it this morning but I’m pre-scheduling my post to try and be consistent. I love this thought that we are writing the pages of our lives. In reality, that is what we are doing we are in control of our fate. Sometimes I forget that. My poem is about past stories.

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