5 thoughts on “Be the love

  1. Here is a poem I am sharing tonight…the message is soothing. God is love, so that makes it beautiful to know and share! You always make my heart and spirit smile because of that same love we share from the one who created all with his gift of love.

    You Are The Thought

    You are the thought
    which rises with my
    heart early in the

    You are the dream
    when once tasted at
    night becomes a
    beautiful reality at
    first light

    You are all of those
    seconds, minutes and
    hours of enchanting
    beauty that is the sun
    at its rising

    You are that eternal
    essence which satisfies
    the hunger and deep
    yearning inside me
    each day…

    For You are my lasting
    thought of joy.
    my hear

  2. Millie, that poem was shared a couple of nights ago slightly different but with a different name. I have about 14 poems in front of me which i wrote the past two weeks while recovering. But it is still a beautiful poem and reminds me of your words above! I did share an older one tonight! Hugs and blessings!

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