4 thoughts on “Empaths

  1. Hi! I came here to my blog place this morning after a year and found I had followed you, and just read some of your recent writings. How timely and appropriate to what I am going through. I took notes. This is the fun part of spiritually and seeking answers. (ask and it is given) And, give back to people like you who express themselves and share their lives. Writers are the changers of our culture. Someone important said that.

    In short I had a year of one disorder after another, for a woman who is rarely ill. Demobilizing sprains, fractures, flu & weird stuff, mange from my employer’s dog, emotional breakdowns from rage and intolerance (yikes what a red flag), a back tooth broke out Dec 26, then the rear view mirror in my car did the exact same thing. Rear view=looking back, and then I had a bact. infection just now fading away. You wrote you believed illness is the body’s plan or need to release toxic emotions. My eyebrows shot up and got lost in my bangs. 😀 You see I was journaling around this very issue today, and for months, begging for answers from my Higher Being, because as you said, sometimes we just can’t see it, even if our friends are our mirrors. So hard, that my mind took a vacation and started writing a fairy tale, not knowing that it would reflect me too. I will post the fairy tale soon, but so interesting isn’t it? That myth and story (our lives) have hidden in them, pictures and poetry of our profound truth and seeking. And our Return to Source.

    Your sharing your visit to the non physical was a beautiful gift to everyone, plant a seed, and will reach a helping hand back to those ready and able to resonate with it. Break out of the prisons of our own making I say in my fairy tale. I have had a hard time internalizing the urging of so many paths teaching to Be LOVE. But I think I finally get it. That it is who we are, and the only way to end suffering. Empath since a child overwelmed by the vibes around me. It is hard for us. But enough of this quick comment…thank you thank you.

    1. Dear Joyce,
      I am deeply sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. I am in the middle of moving from one house into another. My life seems a bit out of whack lately but after reading your comment I realize it’s a walk in the breeze….
      I am always moved by the strength in humanity. You, today, there…reading this are my new hero. Thank you for stopping by. You may shoot me a personal email anytime. I am praying for you today. My address is dharma.1111@hotmail.com. I would love to read more about your life. You are a magnificent BEing. Wow! I believe you have a book in you waiting to be documented. Sending mucho love your way. Please keep in touch!
      Love always…Millie

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