magical mirror

Standing in front of
the bathroom mirror
a glimpse of

a gray haired
caught my vision.
I looked into her eyes
noticing the gentle
laugh lines,

the joyous

dance inside the pupils
as we both smiled,
“Hello, lady, life is being kind!”


I continued to wash my hands
noticing the age spots–
the wear and tear,
nudges of hard work
and we smiled again
reflecting each other
in remembrance of
many journeys,
“Ah, we’ve touched and loved
deeply with these!”


One last look into the glass
winking in delight,
throwing a playful kiss

acknowledging the essence,
“I’m so glad you are

with me on this path.”


A moment of soul-ness
stood behind,

shadows cast in the

infinite space of mirror

and mind….

I knew Divinity was
guiding the tenderness

with the Oneness of all

  life has taught me to be.

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