Lessons from a 2 year old


Today we went to several garage sales in downtown Asheville. I had Kali in her stroller when a little girl about her age started to wave at her. Kali extended her arms out. The little blonde girl with a sweet straw hat ran tightly into the stroller. They embraced like long lost sisters. It was precious. Nothing was said. No words ever left their mouths. They held each other for a few seconds, released while still staring deeply into each other and then waved goodbye. I couldn’t move. The little girl’s mother didn’t even see it happen as she was busy paying for her things. I stood there marveling at the energy between two little strangers and wondering: When did we lose this magical awareness of Oneness? At what age was that ripped out of our humanness? Kali went on babbling about the dog that passed by. We kept on walking and I thought again, “This is how I want to present myself to another. I want to make sure they see me and I see them, hug and then just depart until we see each other or not.” Lessons learnt about presence…they are priceless.

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