Entertaining Angels

entertaining angels

I sit in the Starbucks cafe at Barnes and Noble. A group of mentally challenged sweethearts has come in with a special school. They are going through the magazines discussing the stars on them, the President, the cars, and so many other child-like messages. They are giggling at the pretty pictures. These are folks in their thirties and older. I marvel at their abilities to stay in this moment. They are so-ever present. It’s beautiful! I am reminded of my own children with disabilities. I recall similar scenarios throughout the years. I feel admiration for their courage to walk among others who judge in this world. This is not an easy place to be when “normal” is not only a setting on the dryer.

I am smiling as I look up from writing this and a young man in the group catches my eyes. He shy-fully laughs, looking away, and then returning my gaze. He giggles and shares a secret with another. Such pure innocence. I am in love. I have fallen into the depth of love right now as I continue writing and smiling. I keep glancing and smiling with them. I am in love with each one of them for their vulnerability and coming into this world dependent of others while teaching us about humanity. If we care to learn, they are there giving out important and significant lessons. They are the rare ones who get lost in our society. Today these folks are my most valuable teachers. These loveys have become my mentors for a little while.

I felt misplaced all morning and had to come into town to find clarity, but right now I’ve found my place among Angels. And that’s always such a magical place to be. May you be entertained by pure divine light today. May you be open to all the amazing-ness, delicious-ness, and ever-ness that those around you can provide.

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