Sounds of Nature



This morning I woke to silence

immediately losing myself

in the vastness of body and spirit.

I am reminded of the reason

I love this place.

Within seconds

I heard the echoing of a rooster

through the mountains.

I heard my body breathing,

the rain drizzling gently against my window,

the birds chirping their morning welcoming,

and the water flowing through the creeks

emptying into the vastness of space.

This is morning. This is magic.

I have become so accustomed

to the noises that I no longer hear them.

They are a background nature-filled symphony

and I don’t want to ignore them.

I am becoming a silhouette in the darkness of a rainy day

praying that I never forget this beauty.

I am content to be here

just as a musician hears notes

playing inside.

Summer is everywhere,

the heat clinging,

and each waking moment

brings sensory stimulation.

I cannot go back to the imbroglio of city life.

This is the ebb of me.

I rise and fall to the sounds of this mystical place,

gracefully dancing to all the melodies,

and the calling of my spirit

connecting to the Divine…

I am…home.

4 thoughts on “Sounds of Nature

  1. I was just telling Tom that last night as we sat on the porch listening to the roaring creek and the leaves blowing..the rain falling..I need no other noise in the house. I love music and at times will play it and will put on Turner Classic Movies with no sound . I love Nature’s music and scenes. I could never live in the city again either. I have to go to DC next week and I am soooo dreading it. All the pavement and noise etc. It will be great to get back home and not have to go anywhere again for a long time I hope. We live on vacation and I have no desire to go anywhere away from here except an occasional trip to Folly Beach , Charleston area to see the ocean and the dolphins. I am blessed and grateful for my life out here in Gerton and to have you and Bobbie Sue as neighbors and friends.

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