That’s It Point

that's it

I have a That’s-It point of anger. It’s that reference point of “enough is enough.” It’s when I let things go and allow others to push and pull until one moment I look at them and loudly say, “That’s it!!!” My children always knew that moment growing up. They would see my eyes turn into something unrecognizable. I think everyone has a “that’s-it” moment. I have patience for a lot of things. It takes me a long time to get to that very second when I will no longer tolerate things as they are. I begin to see black and no amount rainbows or unicorns will lighten the situation. In my life that moment meant that everything I believed to be true was out the window. I would lose my head. Today I was thinking about my many “That’s-It” moments. Some could have been avoided. Others came without a warning to those who pushed and shoved and saw a woman turn different colors.

These days I try desperately not to get to that point. I don’t allow another to dictate my worth or lack of respect to then turn me into a monster. There are people out there who enjoy seeing a person lose it, escalating to the point of no return. They thrive on the energy of toxicity to reassure themselves that they got the attention and your power. It’s sick. These are the people who have such negative vibration that everything around them is always dramatic. They are also full of illnesses, major obstacles and huge misfortunes.

DO NOT ALLOW another to push you to the edge of “That’s It!” Do not give them the power to enjoy your retaliation, anger, rage, and intolerance. The world right now is having so many “That’s-It” moments. It’s everywhere. We are witnessing violence everywhere through discrimination, bigotry, hatred, indifference and lack of respect. I crave to turn those events into beautiful AHA Moments of joy. I want to believe we can make a difference when we don’t feed into such mass negativity but shift consciousness into light and love.

Someone recently pushed me to that point of pure hatred. I didn’t recognize myself. I began to enter into a depression that truly concerned me because I felt helpless, useless, and hopeless. It was the last time I have allowed another to get me so rattled up. I get lost in that anger and it lasts sometime. I traveled through darkness for weeks in silence and didn’t share with many. And, once I forgave myself for allowing that person to hurt me so deeply I was able to see the sunlight. I was able to find joy again. It was in that moment that I promised myself that I will no longer have “that’s-it” challenges because I will not excuse their behaviors, enabling them to take responsibility for their actions while throwing their garbage on me. I hope to continue evolving into a soul who doesn’t allow those things to affect her.

Be gentle with you. Be in love with you. Accept that not everyone is on your same spiritual path. It’s okay. Send them love and send them on their miserable way. That’s all you can do. But, honor your spirit. You are not meant to act and react like the Incredible Hulk! Let’s all sparkle on!!!!

8 thoughts on “That’s It Point

  1. Wild applause!!! Happy dance!!! Fireworks!!! Cheers!!!

    Amiguita linda, I’m so sorry you were pushed to the “That’s It!” point…and delighted, too, for now you are ready to let yourself off the hook, allow people to be and take responsibility for their choices, while you take responsibility for yours, and move along…

    Yaaayyyy!!! xoxoM

  2. Love it! I reached that point with this year’s presidential candidates – well certain ones anyway – and just said “no more!” after a while. I knew who I would vote for anyway so….

  3. sandraseley

    I really resonated with this message. I’ve been on the “That’s it” ledge for many years now and only just recognized the level of drama and “look at me” that came from the person who fed on these emotions. It truly is disturbing to deal with people like this. The silver lining for me only appeared when I realized that I had some strong belief systems that came crashing down…like in a major earthquake. I’m still in the clean-up phase of this recent disaster, but the universe is helping me see that this is a good thing by sending me messages like this and people like you into my life. Love to you and yours, Sandra

    I also had a nice walk down memory lane when you wrote about your former place….it really is a magical place.

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    1. Hello darling! I am sorry to read about your recent events. We are always push to learn and evolve to the highest form of our soul-full-ness. You are pure light. Sending love and light to you through this journey. Love you!

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