Let’s break it down


Make time to play and find joy in your life. You have 365 days in a year. There are 8,760 hours in that year. You mean to tell me that you cannot take 52 hours (1 hour a week) to do something special for yourself? Let’s say that you sleep 8 hours a night. That’s 2,920 hours you spend in bed. Let’s say you work, or are busy with tremendous responsibilities, for 55 hours a week which would be 2,860 a year. That still leaves you with 2,980 hours left to do things. Keep breaking it down. If you can find the time to surf the web, gossip, complain, and watch television, you surely can find time to chase a sunrise, hike, meditate, or just be in silence. You can surely find time to write, create, and nourish your soul. We give and make time to the things we focus on. You have the ability in one year to transform your life. To say you “have no time” is a neglecting your soul’s yearnings. To give excuses for poor time management is an injustice to your greatness. In essence you are not stealing an hour from any place to pamper yourself. You are recreating and modifying the programming of being too busy. It’s all an illusion. Make time for you. Carve space for your spirit to remember why it’s here on this life. You get to change what you want and who you want to become by changing your attitude. Be inJOY. Be in love. Be who you are meant to be…no more excuses.

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