Life gets easier

I am still coming down from a tremendous high from the past weekend. Sitting with friends, sharing, laughing, and lifting each other up…what a treat. There is something magical about gatherings. We get real. We become more of what we hide during the hours that society demands life responsibility. We reach a level of awareness, feeding the soul in the most outstanding ways, and then setting it free to roam in the darkness while chasing critters and

4 thoughts on “Life gets easier

  1. Mary Ann Cauthen

    Your writing usually really speaks to me, but there was too much of the “f” word here, & I think it takes away instead of adding to what you are saying. I know I am just “old fashioned & out of step with the times”, but these are my thoughts. Mary Ann

    1. Mary Ann, thank you for sharing this. I thought about posting a “warning” on top of the page for this one. I remember seeing a well-known author at a book signing event and hearing her definition of the “f” bomb. She said that sometimes there are no other words to convey such strong emotions. I understand not everyone feels the same way. I do appreciate you stopping by and sharing this. It’s not being “old fashion.” The “f” bomb hits us. It jolts us. It is there to wake and move us into emotions. Some folks can’t hear it or read it. I respect that and I am aware of it. Remember that it isn’t the word used, but how it is conveyed and expressed. I, in no way, use it to insult anyone. Sending mucho love your way. And, once again, thank you for the support and love!

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