Live Your Truth


Truth can be ugly. It can be shameful and full of guilt. It lies and cheats and threatens to take away our lives. But, it is also freeing. It’s the catalyst to who we are and what we can become.

Truth is the rawest form of you.

If you allow for it to surface and give it love, truth can send you off on a magical adventure. While you avoid it you are living in a hellish world that makes you sick, paranoid and delusional.

So, surrender to it and set it free from the prison of your mind.

The hardest thing for us to do is follow our desires. We are afraid of following our dreams if it means not living up to the expectations of our family and friends. We avoid making time for what we want because responsibilities come first. They don’t. That’s an illusion.

What comes first is you and your authentic acceptance of what makes you happy. That’s truth. That’s your truth. Your truth is only a perception in your life. No one will be able to understand where you come from with truth, or what you are trying to accomplish because they are living in their own realm of perception too. But it is YOUR truth. And that’s what matters!

I recently sat with a loved one and indulged in letting go of so many secrets and fears. It was freeing, embarrassing, shameful and…yet…like an emotional diet I lost a ton of weight from carrying it all inside. The truth does set you free.

I wasn’t aware that I was living in fear of rejection and other imperfect emotions that make me the neurotic woman that I am when I hold it all inside. But, in the neurosis, I recognized that Truth needed to vent. It needed a voice. It wasn’t going to be pretty or comfortable. Nope! It was going to come out like a massive volcano eruption and I feared for whoever would be the person to provoke it. Thank goodness, it was someone who has the ability to understand me and allow for me to be exactly who I am. Cause I am not pretty when I am full of volcanic ash all over me. I am not easy to calm down either.

But that’s okay. I can get to a happy place pretty quickly once the truth comes out. Nothing like giving birth to those things that keep us up at night, churning into something larger than what it really is. The mind amplifies everything we feed!

You do not have to uncover every detail of your past. You also don’t have to go back there and reside forever in your mistakes. You are who you are because of everything that has happened to you. You are the sums of every experience…the good and the bad. Each challenge, loss, and lesson molds you to become the highest possible spiritual being on this land. The evolution of your soul goes through these growth spurts because you need to grow.

Speak your truth, even if it leaves you shaking. You don’t have to share all the details of your life with anyone. When I say, speak your truth, I mean become YOUR truth. Become who you are here to be. You need to stop worrying about what others think or say. You need to put the crap to rest. At the end of your life you won’t even remember that. You will, however, remember that you didn’t live up to all the things your heart and soul desired. Follow that!

Be the authentic YOU that was genetically implemented here. If you can’t find your purpose, then keep asking every night before going to bed. Let your consciousness show you through messages via dreams or a giant billboard on your way to work. You will eventually wake to remember what you are here to do. I promise!

**Note to self: We don’t need another Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. We need you. Don’t try to fix the world. Fix you, and let the world live by your examples!

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