The Eruption

There is a silence

of all things unsaid
until now
when the unsaid erupted

leaving us feeling new,

fresh, and honest.

I haven’t lived on this mountain

with you like this

without avoiding

the volcanic eruptions.
I avoided it all for too long.
I fear it was always brewing underneath us.
Now I feel like we

must get to know these new souls,
naked and raw and vulnerable

navigating the strangeness

of all disasters

that bring a union in the end.
I will climb with you,

dig for our belongings,

just to be

the partner you deserve.
I’ve got the ropes,

the shovels,

the bags for debris,

and I am willing to

plant ourselves in a non-threatening area.
love is not with the mind.

Love is with all the heart,

feelings and knowing

that require illogical living.
I am ready for you.

I am ready for us.  

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