I have chosen to unwind today in a way I rarely allow myself to do so. I am deeply grateful for this very second. As I sit on my porch overlooking the magnificent autumn on these mountains, I feel gratitude nudging and tugging on my skin. I feel the air cooling my “knowing.” I can hear my heart escalating to each word I sound out with love. I am exactly where I am suppose to be in life. There is no more rushing. The rattle of fallen leaves sound like a river flowing around me. I am forever grateful for this very moment in life. I know that things needed clearing to get here. I feel the essence of me waking into something richer and newer in experiences. Everything I have learned in this lifetime has been a preparation for my love affair with the Divine. I am not a religious person. I am someone who lives by faith in allowing. I don’t know if there is a man in the sky looking down at me. But, I know that there is definitely something larger than me guiding the best of me at all times. When I leave the state of thoughts and analytical chit chat, I get to witness the enchantment of the God within me.
My ultimate goal is to love unconditionally, my journey is to always find peace even in the midst of chaos, and my lesson is spiritual awareness in every second of this incarnation. I feel that LOVE is my ultimate religion and spiritual movement. That’s my calling. Sometimes it’s very difficult, especially when the person is not allowing love. However, on most days, love is the light that guides me to choose humanity and compassion. And this is what brings me joy.
Find yourself in the middle of somewhere within you that can guide you to your destiny of joy. It’s never easy to acknowledge and accept the things that cause us grief and shame. But, that’s also a shift in perspective and we have to own our truth and experiences.
Have a great evening! It truly is magical!!!!

11 thoughts on “Unwinding

  1. While I read this, I was keeping an eye on the girls from my “perch” in the carport. They are both simply enjoying being outside in the fresh air. They don’t care that we live on a super-busy road, like I do; they just care that they are loved. I would love to have a home in the mountains to escape to when city life gets too overwhelming. But, that’s not in the cards right now. But I’m getting off track.

    These are beautiful photos, my dear, sweet friend! You are indeed lucky to live in such a beautiful part of our great country.

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