In Loving You


I don’t know how to love another way.

This is how I love and I wish you allowed for it

to embrace you like a warm spring

engulfing all of you in comfort.

I don’t understand how to think about love in your terms.

This is me inhaling and exhaling all that I am

in truth…

responding to the greatness of you…

to the parts you don’t see.


Sometime ago I was reminded, by an ex lover,

that I loved him unlike anyone else.

He didn’t show me love but took it desperately

clawing his way into my heart.

It was full of anger and ravishing turmoil

forcing us to constantly swirl like tornadoes

colliding while destroying everything outside of our souls.

I knew that he didn’t love me.

He just loved the way that I loved him.

And, it was okay, because I loved for both of us.

He said he had never been loved so fiercely

in hope of finding his soul.

And still, now, he says he searches for the missing parts

of love that I handed to him and then took back when I left.


In the process of separation

I realized that love is a perspective of sorts.

I cannot make you love me.

I am only responsible for my love and how freely I provide it

without expectations.


But you…

I don’t remember when I fell,

completely and hopelessly, in love with you.

I don’t recall the exact moment of bonding,

or expanding my heart wider to receive you.

I think it just appeared one day

and my soul knew it was time to let go.

I recognized the discomfort of attaching

to anyone so deeply,

that I wanted to run the other direction.

You took me, pulled me, disarmed me

and asked to give it a chance

so here I am asking of you to release the old.


Now in letting go of me without hesitations

I see you fighting,

conflicting, twirling in your own doubts

of self-worth and past loves

for what you have received so easily:

the complete essence of me

with no strings attached or demands.


You are finally seeing true love and it feels

unnerving, foreign, and at the same time,

so freaking yummy

that it commands more space,

more truth,

and more life in this timeline.

7 thoughts on “In Loving You

  1. A reflection on someone I knew in a previous life?

    I love this! For, whether or not you answer my question in the affirmative, it reminds me of a love in one of my even-earlier previous lives. And the relationship wasn’t much different than yours.

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