Weird Energy Lately


WARNING: This is another hippie post…non hippie folks should skip it!!!!!

Several people, including close friends, have commented on a bizarre feeling that’s been inhabiting them for weeks. The comments are all similar in nature: “I feel anxious for no reason. I am restless. I feel stuck. I feel uncertain. I am out of sorts….” I have heard the same message over and over for some time. I get asked how and why this is happening? The short version of my answer is “I don’t know.” The long version is that there is some form of cosmic activation happening in a conscious and metaphysical plane. The energy is swirling and I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to it. I feel it at night when I am coming out of my skin. Our toddler hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks. I get a sense that her little body isn’t aware of what’s happening since she’s truly wide open. We are all wide open, except some of us get hit with stomach issues, headaches, lethargic motions, sadness, insomnia, blah-ness and other ailments that seem to feel like doom. I had to remove myself from social media for over three weeks because it was too much. I couldn’t grasp my emotions and the distraction of what happens when I am focusing on everything OUT THERE instead of IN HERE.

My darlings, you aren’t alone in your struggle. This is an odd and incredible exciting time. Things are moving in a faster pace and it seems we can’t get all that we are used to doing in a 24 hour time lot. It’s okay. Cut yourself some slack. There is such anger and hatred and complete inhumane energy moving through these times. This election period in the United States has separated more people from their hearts than ever before. There is anger everywhere and the cords of discomfort are being felt throughout the waves of consciousness. DO NOT think for one second that your thoughts aren’t attached to mine and the world. Do not believe for one moment that your emotions are not attached to this timeline everywhere. It’s all so very stagnate and yucky. It feels as if compassion and kindness have left our humanness. For now….only for a bit. I promise this isn’t going to last forever. Nothing ever does.

I have to believe you and I, and everyone, can shift back to this moment and breathe in love. Whether Trump or Hilary win doesn’t really matter. Someone will be President. Your job is to align yourself back to Divine-love consciousness. Your purpose is to join the collective consciousness of greatness in compassion. We are here in human form, but our souls are endless. Let’s get back to our own spiritual spaces and ground our truth into the earth. The mind, body and spirit are being pulled and pushed with such horrific thoughts. Let’s send love notes to the universe, regardless of your religious and political beliefs. God doesn’t care who you vote for, who you sleep with, and who you pray through….the Divine cares that we treat each other with dignity, integrity, love, compassion and hope. The moment we return to love…I am certain that we can fix just about anything. Until then…let’s just surf the waves of yuckiness and muckiness while trying to find moments of joy in our day. Go sit outside and take in nature. Make time to do nothing but be with your spiritual guidance. I haven’t got any other answer but to love one another. Apologize and forgive those who aren’t in your same belief systems or in your authentic alignments. Forgive and return to what matters….

Sending love to all. If I don’t have your physical mailing address, please private message me it so I can send you a reminder every so often of who and what you are in my life. Sometimes we just need to know that another soul is cheering us on! XOXO

17 thoughts on “Weird Energy Lately

  1. I am covered in goosebumps. I have disconnected myself from the Universal Energy because it feels like a caustic tornado. It is horrible. There is no love. It wants to scoop you up and push you so fast that you collapse. It grips the mind and the soul sucking both leaving the physical vehicle wasted. I have seen with my very own eyes how this energy is effecting people. I too am so sensitive and must must must be very careful of what I listen to and see. I have a draft right now that strongly expresses my thoughts how we as a nation have become so separated and so out of tune with love AND that these elections are just a mere image of what we as a nation have become. My cats have not been acting right and I have had to work overtime to protect them bringing peace again and again anchored in this home. My husband is so off balance that the energy pushed him into one of his dark states which is not pretty. (Sensitive Vietnam Vet) I’ve had more and more challenges to keep myself Balanced and in Calm finding it very difficult to get into my Flow. I’ve questioned my sanity more times then I would like to admit. I “feel” things, dear friend, and what I feel is caustic and at such an inhuman pace. Bless you for publishing this. We are exactly on the same page!!! BIG (((HUGS))) ❤

    1. Gurrrrlll! Our toddler who will be three in January isn’t sleeping at night. We have had several weeks of taking turns with her at all hours. She’s wired. She’s so wide open, like the rest of us and your husband, that she cannot sleep. It’s exhausting. I know about energies. I avoid public places. I am fortunate to live on a mountain in a small town. We are on a large property and it’s nice to come home and disconnect. You publish that article. Please! We need voices to move and help us get through this. Kisses.

      1. I take care of special needs cats and it has been a whirlwind trying to keep up with their increased symptoms. Husband was manic for months and now has crashed into blackness. It’s exhausting being exposed to this man’s energy. Yet he will not listen to reason for with this energy nothing it seems is getting though. It is a horror what is going on. I am avoiding public places as well but I need to go grocery shopping today. I will make sure I am protected and disconnected. I deliberately go deep into forests to recharge and to balance. It’s just been too much all the way around. My sister is so burned out she cannot even form a prayer anymore and this is a woman who is a prayer warrior. We all are feeling this …. and yes I will publish this article. I’m putting your email in my contacts, dear friend. ❤

  2. Cheri Baker

    Wow how amazing I have been struggling finding enough energy to get up and face 43 young minds half of which don’t want to be at school or want to learn anything except when is lunch or what specials class do  we today. So yes we are connected in a way we can never know. Please continue to pray for unity and tolerance.

    1. Cheri, you aren’t alone in this struggle. It’s happening so quickly that we are being affected but it’s all activation. We are adjusting to something larger and better in life. Kisses….mucho love!

  3. We have all been blessed to be able to partake in the ongoing switch from the old paradigm to the new. As with birth, we seem to find ourselves at the crowning stage and about to pop forth into a new way of being. If we have chosen to complete this process without the numbing affects of anesthesia, we are indeed feeling it!!! Big time. The veil between humanity and the truth is ripping into shreds and we are having to assimilate all of the mind blowing information spilling forth. Reality can’t keep up with itself. Hang tight, the chaos may well expand further, but focus rather on the end result, what we have all worked so hard to get to. We are almost there….Blessings…VK ❤

    1. Oh sweetheart, I love this comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Elizabeth Peru’s blog explained it a few days ago. We are shifting. We aren’t even the same physical bodies we were 6 months ago. It is coming and it’s all good. I send you lots of hugs and kisses…mucho love…Millie

  4. You are so insightfull. Fear has been the theme of this election and you’re right it is a big part of the anxiety I feel. Before reading this I add two more post to my blog for 11/1 & 11/2 and it is almost impossible aligned with what you wrote. Collective consciousness 😊

  5. Lin Stry

    Dearest Millie, I love your posts so much. Thank you for allowing me to read your very special writings. The mean the world to me. Keep up the great work. My physical address is: 50 Plymouth Blvd, Westport, MA 02790 USA. Love, Lin Storey

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