We Need Love



Yes, Love (a verb, a noun, an adjective…however you want to express it!)

It’s that simple. Everyone should be in love. I’m not talking about relationships. THAT’s awesome too. I am talking about the love that arrives from seeing the radiance in another, mirroring flaws, your joys, your essence and all the shit in between.

Love! Love because that’s all we are here to do. If nothing else, use the love instead of the judge. Don’t like someone’s choice in partners or mates? Love them because it makes them happy. You don’t agree with someone’s political and religious beliefs? You don’t have to…but send compassion and love. You are afraid of something you cannot understand? Love. You fear another person for their darkness in choices and lifestyles? Send love.
It’s not always easy. Hell…it’s pure hell sometimes but love lights the darkness. It dispels obstacles.

Let’s be hatebusters. Let’s battle the darkness through love. Let’s shoot out bands of high energy and frequency to hearts of all. Let’s stand along those who love us and those who don’t and just recognize that we are connected through the magic of this vibe. Go ahead do your eye rolls, mumble your “no-ways” but still find a way to love. I love my naysayers and skeptics. They test the limitations of my heart.

Forgive those who hurt you. You don’t have to entertain them forever but you have to let them go and send love their way. They need it. They need to be released from your heart.

Gift your love. Send love. Give love away like confetti. Sprinkle that shit everywhere you go. Do something magical and BE the love. You cannot give away what you don’t give yourself. So start with you!

**This message is brought to you by someone who is utterly in love with love, in love with life, in love with the faith of humanity and in love with you. Beware…she is sending love to you. Feel it?

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