Pick A Cause


Pick a cause that moves you. Grab onto a reason to wake up in the morning. If it’s children, help them find homes, create places for them to grow safely in…teach and change the world one child at a time. They are the future!

If it’s politics or religion or history or whatever…pick a cause that inspires and transforms the world through educating and not demoralizing. Help others see the endless ways to help in our world. Adjust your sails and move through love while helping others. It might be challenging and frustrating but if you believe in it you will conquer it all.

If it’s the environment…go clean the rivers, help small villages get water, and do it because you want it for you and no one else. Through selfless acts of kindness you will find results.

If you can no longer stand to see abuse then volunteer in a shelter. Feed the homeless. Stand for those who have been hurt and are in complete destitution. They need others to lift them with laughter, a touch, and a word of kindness. They need a rope who can help pull them out of darkness. Be their light. Even if it’s just for a day.

If you want to change the world make sure you do it out of your love and compassion. You cannot teach and educate through hate and corruption. Follow the ache and passion that makes you shine this life with greatness.

We each have a calling. I don’t care what it is. You might say you don’t have one, that you weren’t given one by divinity. You have. I promise you. And the moment you start to follow the things that make you smile you will begin to unveil it. Life will be sweeter because of it. Of course there are obstacles and challenges. Nothing that’s worth doing comes easy, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. We aren’t made for easiness. We like drama and complications. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Helen Keller was blind, mute and deaf. She lived in a time that did not have all the amazing means and opportunities to help her evolve. HOWEVER, she learned to communicate with the world through a wonderful teacher. If she, who could have died in self pity, overcame such adversities and obstacles has changed the world what makes you think that you can’t? There are NO excuses. Absolutely not one single thing stopping you from doing small acts of joyful things in your life. You are the one stopping you!

It’s easy to stand back and bitch about the world. It’s easy to judge another. You know what takes courage? You know what really takes freaking guts? To stand for what you know is right while making a small change in your own life. It takes a tremendous amount of vulnerability to follow that which sets fire in you. You might have to jump over hurdles. You might have to set boundaries with others. You might even have to burn some bridges…but once you start to acknowledge, what and who you are, there is no way your purpose will not appear.

Not everyone will be Buddha or Helen Keller or Mother Teresa or Jesus. You are you and in that uniqueness you get to help another see the beauty and goodness of this lifetime.

Stop wallowing in the no’s, the cant’s, and start waking up to the endless possibilities of your soul. You are magnificent. Start to act like it, please!

Listen to your body and your spirit. It will always tell you how to act, react, love, pray and try. By stopping and paying attention to everything you are allowing spirit, not ego, to watch out for you. It’s that simple. You have the ability to change your programming. You can transform YOU into anything and anyone you desire.

You are THE One!

I love you. Mucho!!!

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