Cosmic Corners

I sit staring outside on this gorgeous cool mountain evening realizing this is just a tiny corner of the cosmos. Even while the fires continue to burn all around the area I feel at ease knowing I am home.  This is my universe at this moment..full bellied…content…relaxed…watching a movie with Kali and Matt. My youngest daughter left to her own space but spent a wonderful time with us.This is the universe of all there needs to be in calmness and gratitude at this moment in time. I have my eldest son arriving from New York this week. I have another who will be here in the holidays. I feel gratitude rise and fall with each breath of awareness. The only thing missing in this perfect time is the presence from the rest of my kiddos who are scattered throughout their own cosmos and edges of different worlds and lives. And…to hear from them at any given time makes me realize that no matter what corner of the world they live in we are united by the thread of love. May you all have a wonderful evening in your own piece of cosmic universe.

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