Gratitude opens the door into the fullness of living authentically. It allows whatever we have into an acceptance of having enough and making room for more. In the recognition of grace we unlock our awareness from hurt into forgiveness, chaos into harmony, and turmoil into simplicity. This clarity and recognition is what allows a house to become a home, strangers to become family, and this moment to become all about release. Gratitude is the key to unlocking the magic of whatever will come through the blessings of God. I am grateful for this moment. I am filled with the light of spirit because of the love I receive with each teacher passing through my existence. On this week of giving thanks, I count the many blessings for what I have right now: My children are all safe and healthy, each one embracing their own paths of discovery. I have loving friends and family who have been there in the toughest moments of my life, picking up the pieces when I have truly thought I had enough. I have a wonderful man who allows the real me to be just that…”real” without judgment while bringing me the love I only imagined could exist. I live in a magical place within the walls of heaven and I marvel at the many angels who walk through the doors.  Thank you for this incredible journey. I am so very grateful for everyone and everything that touches me. I have finally allowed grace to unlock the doors into the fullness of life. I couldn’t do it alone! Mucho love y’all!

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