The Sum of Stories


We are the sum of our stories. When I began my blog and writing publicly a few years ago I feared sharing anything too personal. But, as I met other writers I let go of the fear and began writing from a place of vulnerability. It’s never easy to let go. At times I have shared way too much of the scars, the rawness and the sensitivity. And in those times I have received some amazing heartfelt private emails from folks in different parts of the world saying, “Oh my gosh, I am going through this too!”

The act of writing is based on releasing all expectations. I don’t write for anyone. I write because something inside pushes and pulls me to release. And, sometimes I need to step back and recognize that there are things too private to also share with the world because once it’s out there I can’t retract them. There is such a thing as hanging your dirty laundry for the world to see.

Here, I tell you…the only thing you can do for your soul is to create from a place of truth and wonder. In this place there is an endless source of awareness and love. Write, paint, create all that’s inside. We will always teeter in the unknown. Don’t create to be liked. Don’t put things out there that you think will be accepted. Put your work out there because it is coming from a spiritual connection with humanity. We have the most awesome opportunity to inspire others every day and receive endless inspirations in return.

We tell others to be brave because we know that it is a conscious choice. Bravery is a commitment between your spirit and the heart to keep going. It’s a relationship that requires acceptance while releasing any sense of victimization. So next time you whisper to someone, “You are brave! I love your strength!” Feel it in the core of your own existence. Courage comes from falling while not allowing yourself to permanently stay there having a pity party.

You are courageous every single day. It isn’t until we see it in others that we remember our awesomeness. And if you don’t recognize your greatness when you are with loved ones then you need new folks in your life. Like, seriously! Look at your circle of friends!!!

You are magnificently created to be in oneness with others. We become mirrors of one another. Creating and sharing are art forms for seeing the uniqueness in our hearts and souls.

Thank you for the constant source of love and support. Thank you for showing up and being with me on this Mystical Journey. Mucho love!

7 thoughts on “The Sum of Stories

  1. Eliza Ayres

    Dear Mystic: I, too, was very nervous about sharing my journey. However as I began to share, I found the edge of my pain diminishing and people writing comments that, like yours, spoke of having similar experiences. My courage aided others to feel that they weren’t alone in the world, that others had similar thoughts, similar fears… and were able to transcend their past. Keep on writing and sharing. The human experience is precious, amazing and vital. Thank you! Eliza Ayres

    1. Oh, Eliza, thank you so much for sharing this. It takes courage and vulnerability to open to others, especially strangers. We don’t want to be judged, or seem as crazy. What I’ve found at this point in my life is that the more open and willing you are to share with the world, it is returned with kindness. Compassion and love are felt when you raise your vibration to meet others in the same way. Thank you for being here. Mucho love…

  2. Gay Herrington

    Thank you sweet Millie for sharing “the Sum of stories”. Yesterday I taught a Master’s Reiki Class to an incredible group of gifted people. They brought so much giving and healing with them…I was awed and felt inadequate to be their teacher, until a small thought of how much we all bring with us came into my spirit. And when we stay open to share those special private moments of growth, we can teach one another. Many Blessings to you this day, Gay Herrington

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