This little bit of a person reminded me yesterday about independence and the constant weaving of holding on and letting go. We sat on my son’s porch waiting for them to get home. It was cold. I sat there listening to her tell me about the trees and how they are asleep. We talked about the clouds. We shared thoughts on dogs. And the entire time a cool crisp wind kept reminded me of change. She told me she was big now and didn’t need to be on my lap although I explained that I was cold and needed her warmth. Then she said I should have gotten a jacket at home. I laughed hard. My boys came home finding me giggling with the pure realization that motherhood seems to be the only job I can do with joy and laughter and so many other deep emotions. And in this job there is a flux of transformations always checking for giving and receiving, allowing and accepting, moving and staying put. I thought I was done with these lessons…and then this little bit came along to surprise the plans out of me!

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