Freedom of Spirituality

When asked about the common subjects people talk to me about I always say “Love and Spirit.” People will share their love and stories without filter. It’s a given! They will unload information in a heart beat. The second subject is always along the lines of spiritual deprivation. Folks are in need of magic, mysticism, miracles, and faith. They want to know that there are others out there with the same curiosity and open-conscious level of understanding. They want to know that this is just not all of it…you know, the concept of living just to pay bills. Because, frankly, it’s not!

I am blessed to know (and my list continues to grow) hundreds of spiritual people. They are from all walks of life: Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and even non-denominational. I also know many religious folks who come across as spiritual but in truth they are all mind and no heart.

To me spirituality is having a compassionate heart tied to a faith in something greater than ourselves that is non-violent and non-judgmental. If you are judging, criticizing and point all sorts of fingers to another while reciting God’s name, well darling, you aren’t spiritual. You are something else.

Unfortunately there are a lot of religions based on the mastery of manipulation and the heart has to be taken out of the equation. You cannot love and hate at the same time. Impossible!

Last year on this same week a few friends showed up from Florida and Georgia. Ah…the beauty of entertaining like-minded souls is in the allowance. We were able to openly discuss so many subjects of the conscious mind. And the thing that kept coming up was spiritual deprivation and starvation. We are not connecting one on one with others.

I know they are millions feeling this massive shift of awareness, however, due to the overwhelming negativity of the pointing-fingers syndrome, no one discusses their faith with anyone. No one wants to be ridiculed. No one wants to die. The deprivation grows larger and before you know we are all scattered and left to fend for ourselves and spirit.

Spirituality is a lonely path. My steps cannot be walked by you and vice versa. We can, however, compare the paths. We can discuss the different ways we come into prayer, contemplation and meditation. We can share experiences that are beyond this realm. We can go deep into conversations about stars, planets, and cosmic energy. We can trust in each other when someone says, “Yeah, I was back there talking to the fairies and then a unicorn brought me out of the forest.” Just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I haven’t experienced homelessness but I sure believe in it. I haven’t experienced war but I now it’s there. So, these are folks that want more. They crave for spiritual knowledge. They eat, sleep, watch and read all sorts of information trying to rationalize or enrich their faith.

But there is freedom in spirituality. It lies in the belief that there is something greater than the self. It’s Christ Consciousness, God, Divinity or whatever label you put to it.

For centuries religions have done this. It’s part of our DNA, we must grow into the unknown. It’s pretty sad that in today’s world we can still be deprived by the simplest forms of human needs: mind, body and spirit.

I don’t have answers on how to find more spiritual connections. I really haven’t a clue. At least ten times a week I get a message from someone asking for spiritual retreats, meet-ups, or just comments on wanting connections with Spirit. I can only tell you that at times what you are looking from others is right inside of you if you just sit long enough to listen.

I get up in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes I walk outside looking for God through the stars and nature. Other times I sit with the silence of the room and travel beyond places that our human mind can accept as real. I consciously raise my vibration to the highest form of love and dispel any emotion or attachment. I quiet the ego bitchiness and center myself to what matters. It’s in those moments that Spirit visits me. It’s in those precious minutes that the universe cradles me with unbelievable forms of awareness through love. And, it’s also in those times that forgiveness arrives and I can let go of all that may be causing me turmoil or chaos. I walk away from those experiences made new. I am still a spiritual being having a human experience. I am choosing to make it less dense with emotional baggage.

You have the answers to all your spiritual questions. You carry with you the spiritual knowledge to change and feed and enhance your life through divine guidance. You are all there is. Sure it’s awesome to share with others. Heck yeah! It’s comforting to know you aren’t bat-ass crazy and the looney farm has a room with your name on it waiting for you to check yourself in. That’s always wonderful to acknowledge! Likes attract likes. If you want more spiritually grounded individuals in your life you have to become one yourself without the fear of being scrutinized. You must be willing to dive into the waters of vulnerability. You must continue to ask questions and research. You must be willing to expand and shift beyond in spite of what society tells you. You also have to look around your circle and realize when you have to let go of toxic energy. You have to put yourself in the arms of respect and self-worth. What good will it do you to find spiritual folks and then return to a place that destroys the yummy energy?

Because, darlings, once you see you cannot un-see. You cannot go back to what you believed. Once you are open to the greatness of this life there is no going back to the distrusting voices or anything else that suppressed you.

Go love you. Go believe in yourself. Go be spiritual through the forest, by the shoreline, over the desert, on a mountain top. Just BE! You got this!

I love you regardless of what you think you are. To me, you are a miracle.


10 thoughts on “Freedom of Spirituality

  1. We need a new lexicon, a new dictionary a new language for the types of experiences you speak of amiguita linda. The words we know are inadequate to express what we KNOW! xoxoxoM

  2. Sanket Roy

    I loved the last para. Glad that you are trying to release emotional baggage. In my own experiences, often people following this or that religion Buddhism or Hinduism just doesn’t make them spiritual. Yes, it is about living a life as a whole. It has nothing to do with following a certain set of religious rules and pointing fingers to him or her. Spirituality is about wholeness. It is more than love. Yet it doesn’t discard love as it is an essential part of us. Love and hate are two sides of the same state of emotion. I am not sure if I am making it clear, not an authority on this subject but still all I understand is spirituality discards nothing and accepts nothing. I do have a different perspective yet It is a nice read. Thanks 🙂

    1. I do understand. This is why we write and share so we can learn from one another. Your words are beautiful and I will take them in today in meditation. Thank you for the perspective. Blessings.

  3. so nice…. thanks for the inspiration. nice to feel wherever we are, i think ultimately spirituality, being whole is always the pull. but wherever we are, we are ok, right> all part of the journey.

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