Happy New Everything

Happy New Year. Happy new everything. It’s time to recharge and do things differently if you want different results. We are poets, artists, story tellers, parents, children, teachers and creators. We start exactly where we are in this life. Today is a new day. Tomorrow is another. In the process of creating we allow spirit to touch us, preciously speaking through music, painting, gardening, and interacting with others. We begin today. We continue tomorrow and so on. Whatever has seemed mundane or trivial will show itself to be the voice of divinity. Allow for it and follow through wherever it takes you. Don’t be afraid. Move with the rhythm of the melody, the colors of the muse, or the touch of a stranger. I am so giddy with all that is waiting ahead. Each step here has been an orchestrated note to a magical dance. Let’s let go and allow for it all to embrace us in a giant party. Let love guide you. Please join me there…in the midst of magic and wonder.

4 thoughts on “Happy New Everything

  1. It is time to make CHANGE our new mantra and keep chanting it until our hearts and minds join together and move us forward. This is the moment the universe has been waiting for. It has been slow in coming it seems but in actuality it is quite quick. We have set our intentions and we have figured out we can no longer wait for change but rather must create it. Thankfully we caught on and as the elite world crumbles because of how we have voted, our simplistic world of love and peace begins to raise it’s beautiful head towards the light! May we all witness the unfolding we have longed for so many lifetimes. Happy new everything Millie! Hugs…VK ❤

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