Empty yourself

and allow the universe

to fill you

with all the love


bountiful and limitless.

Let the mysteries

captivate every nook,



inside of your spirit

so that all else

that’s negative

gets pushed outward.

Some things just don’t belong


we create acceptable accommodations

instead of

extracting them


substituting their presence

with compassion,


hope and faith.

I have no answers.

I have no wise words.


I do have

a new neon vacancy sign

for only goodness to reside

until I can come up

with the best possible solution

for forgiving myself…

and letting go.

11 thoughts on “Vacancy

  1. Yes, DO forgive yourself; and DO let go! That’s the advice you’ve given me on many occasions; now it’s time for you to follow your own advice. It’s excellent advice and you deserve the resulting peace it will give you. I love you.

  2. unfetteredbs

    a new neon vacancy sign
    for only goodness to reside– I like this very much. Well said as usual woman. And thanks for the smiles today

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