against the windows

first slowly, teasing the glass like a lover

wanting to enter

and then a monsoon appears

orgasmic gestures of passion

fall harder and deeper onto the earth.

A surge of electricity

brings the drops

in a barrage of erratic signs

cleaning the ground

leaving me empty of sleep tonight.

34 thoughts on “Raindrops

      1. Thanks so much. I am well. The holidays and the New Town shootings pulled my heart from my writing. My memoir is about my time working with emotionally disturbed young people, one of whom murdered my friend, another who assaulted and harassed me. I’m working to find where my story fits in the national debate on guns. I’ve lived with them and loved living without them… I intend to find a place for that voice and work. Glad to be back. Glad to connect to your inner piece and working toward that here!

      2. I can understand how emotionally draining all that is. Having raised children with mental illnesses is exhausting. My son just left home and the guilt I feel at times for feeling peace is horrible. My youngest daughter and I have found serenity for once and even though I miss him i cannot express the safety i feel now. My thoughts go out to you. That shooting in CT brought emotions too close for comfort. I look forward to reading your story.

      3. Bless you Millie. I loved the students I worked with. But their mental-health conditions left them conscious-less. It was many years ago for me, so I feel safe and yet, I don’t when I talk about my mixed emotions about guns and mental health issues in this country. But, slowly, slowly we will get there. I’m glad to be back out and thinking about this in a written forum again. Bless you friend.

      4. You will heal you and others through your words. I hope to one day write a book about adopted children and their mental disorders. Their stories need voice. But I am still trying to heal from the horror of years. Now in a peaceful place I can reflect. I’m here for you!

      5. Your book will be amazing and a balm to others. I know a woman who went to work in mental health care nursing after bonding with the careworkers who helped her with her adopted son’s issues. At 70 she still works. Amazing. You are as well amazing!

      6. I thank you. Those with mental illness are indeed a blessing. They teach us to see life thru a different lens. And sometimes that makes a world of difference. Now, start writing, woman!

  1. We’re looking to use poetry more often in our work through our posts. As you always demonstrate, it is an especially well adapted form for expressing themes like this. Thank you as always for the beautiful writing!

      1. You site is very lovely. Stick with it…post often. Open up a page in Facebook and Pinterest…and whatever social media you can get. You will do great. I haven’t put time as much as I wanted to. I have used this blog as a means to express things, not make money. I do have another site that I write stories about folks from all walks of life. That one I plan on moving along this year. If there is anything I can suggest is to write for you. Don’t write for an audience. Write what you like and others will enjoy it. Write from the heart and pour yourself into your compositions. That’s where the magic lies. Best wishes and if you do set up a FB please let me know. Mucho love.

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