A Divine Present


It comes,
like a tornado
with words crashing
my brain.

There is no safety.
No net.
No prelude.
No warning.

Every aspect of my spirit
gets poured
onto a page with
a surprise of knowledge,
a magical gift —

from somewhere else,
some mystical wisdom.

And I let it flow,
taking forward everything in its path,
with dry rain
of words,
of me,
of an incomplete life…

wrapped in divinity.

15 thoughts on “A Divine Present

  1. unfetteredbs

    a surprise of knowledge,
    a magical gift – yes you do have a gift and I thank you for sharing it.

    unlike me… letting it flow right down the delete key toilet (laughing)

  2. Wow!!! You knock me over with your words. I feel the power. The gift. The muse flow out of you onto the page. The image with hands of electrifying energy expanding the beauty and expanse of your words and the depth of their meaning. J.K. ps, Inspirational…

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