fingerprintsYou left your      scent

l I n g e r I n g

on my sheets

so I dug              my nose all night

into the depth of pillows

desperately recollecting those moments. 

When I am away from you

I miss my hands

c a s c a d I n g






your skin,

softly infusing the tips

of my fingerprints,

draining them of

me    and    the flashback

of our togetherness.

You are the imprint of a soul searching

for                          identity    through    my touch      and all I am without




14 thoughts on “Fingerprints

  1. Love the poem! And I love the happiness pouring out of every word! You soooo deserve every bit of it, my dear, sweet sister-friend. I know you will but I’ll say it anyway: Have a wonderful day!!

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