No More Betrayal

The heart breaks
through the depth
of a giant quake
as fear hides in tiny creases
and illusion grabs for
dear life.
It is hard to let go
of that which does not
serve the spirit.
Ego fights to survive,
kicking and screaming
for acceptance,
and assurance.
what if through the break
you allow divine light
to be the rescuer
of such amazing lessons
and replace the spaces
with grace and peace?
There. In there,
through the tender flesh
expanding to find answers,
breathing to find justice,
you can be free.
Then you will witness
the vastness and greatness
of universal brotherly love.

11 thoughts on “No More Betrayal

  1. I love this for obvious reasons. I’m Having a hard time not feeling rejected and unlovable. It’s painful. I love the thought of letting divine light in to be the rescuer. I’ll ponder this…. Thanks.

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