A Humanitarian Issue


I am appalled in a way that hits the deepest part of my spirit. I cringe and ache for awareness of some sorts. The state of our civilization is absolutely taking a giant turn in ways that will change us forever. This whole immigration subject is not about who supports the President or not. It’s not about anything but a humanitarian issue. I have spoken to so many people lately and regardless of my own beliefs this doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t want to say “I don’t think it’s right.” I know it isn’t. But I am moved by feelings…and this, folks, is unjust. This feels like we will pay some major karmic debt in the future.

This country has been built from immigrants. Those who arrived here before me and continue to enter with the prospect of the American dream. This country is great because of its diverse cultures, religions and different ethnicity.

I DO NOT care how you see this issue in regards to it being helpful for the USA or not. Let me explain the reality: today you might be sitting on a high spot doing well…tomorrow might just change all together. We will need help from others at some point. We are not acting like humans.

Yes, by all means let’s close all our borders! By all means let’s send everyone that is here from a foreign country back to their appropriate homes. Let’s extract our humanity out of a country that was founded “In God We Trust.” Where is God in all of this? Because a huge part of these issues isn’t so much political as it is fear based on differences.

A dear friend who is a history scholar wrote a profound post about his fears that touched me:

I am struggling because I don’t want to live in an echo chamber, where only my own views are repeated back to me. I value diversity of opinion. (I really do.) I want honest and civil discussion on issues that can have opposing viewpoints.

But what I cannot continue to accept is the blatant and joyful ignorance, the outright racism, hatred and belligerence being demonstrated by people that I know, not just as vague ‘others’ in the world, but people who I have interacted with, who have been in my life in one form or another.” And he is right…

My eldest son looks Muslim, although he is half Cuban and Puerto Rican, and constantly gets stopped at the airport. My Romanian kids look different ranging from all colors. My bi-racial child stands out when she is with two white parents. Do you know who looks at these differences? Those folks who are truly afraid of anything different than themselves. These are the folks that never had to fight for the freedom we have in this nation. Kindness and altruism arrive from opening the mind and the heart to everything that is a variation from belief and perspective. This political race was ran on anger and fear. It has opened up a lot in so many of us that seems radical at times.

I have been blocked and unfollowed for not following the political issues of this President. I have never degraded or disrespected him. He is the leader of this country and I will not dishonor anyone in that office. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but in just one short week I am feeling something completely wrong that hits my soul. The fear he instilled throughout his campaign is still lingering in so many. I do believe that humanity is on the edge of some major shift. He is indeed the catalyst for change among other things. He will transform us. I pray I am so wrong with these feelings of strong intuitive awareness that hit me every single time I read something that he is planning on doing to turn this country around. I hope what I feel turns into something magical. I can’t help but really ache right now.

If all I have are words to express my disappointment in how things are entrusted in this government, then I will continue to voice my human right to stand for the Muslims, Jews, Gays, Transgenders, Blacks, Hispanics, Woman and all those others who have no voice. I will continue to be blocked and unfollowed by whoever disagrees with me. It’s okay! I am not bashing the President. I am dumbfounded by his decisions at this time. Our diversity is what makes us great but this is not right. We need to educate our children about our history, and probably refresh a few adults to remind them that all of this seems pretty similar to another few episodes in the past where millions lost their lives.

I am on this human race…with billions on this planet. I want compassion and love and kindness. I believe the President is going to need a lot of incredible power (and heavy-duty vibes) to do all that he intends to do. We are being divided in many ways. Folks, it isn’t looking pretty. It starts small. He might be a business man but he has little abilities in the humanitarian aspect of it all. I don’t follow all the political talk but when it comes to humanitarian rights…well, I am all up on that.

This country stands for freedom. How can we get back to that while remaining compassionate? How can we voice our fears in a way that doesn’t create rioting, fights, and mass mayhem. I want to return to something that perhaps isn’t going to ever be part of our world. And, darlings, I fear for what the future holds.

7 thoughts on “A Humanitarian Issue

      1. It is an outrage. The refugees will have access to subsidized housing, food stamps, a medical card and even if have no income can file income tax and qualify for $2,500 check from IRS for each kid. Do our vets qualify ?

  1. Many people around me are asking ‘what can we do?’ — we must be smart, gather as creative communities ready for action, support our constitution and those using it to push back — and never, ever forget to share joy and beauty wherever you can.
    Every one can have a role in this — from action to prayer and compassion.

    I hold your family close in love and prayer, dear one.

  2. Oh, Millie, I am afraid for this country, for this world, for all of us. This new president gives me nightmares. Almost everything he -or one of his advisors/staffers – says reminds me of 1930s Germany/Hitler as presented in the history books. All I can do is resist by showing my support of and compassion for all those he chooses to oppress/suppress. To the very depth of my soul, I know that what he is doing is morally wrong, unjust, and probably unlawful. If people want to unfollow and unfriend me, that’s their prerogative.

    1. Every president has had his share of wrongness. It usually takes a lot longer than a week. No one is perfect…but…this one scares me to the core as well. I am trying to be open minded and supportive to so many who truly believe he is some kind of savior. BUT…it’s become very clear where the lines are now in a huge humanitarian division. I saw this with Chavez in Venezuela. I also witnessed it for so many years with Cuba. These I’ve lived closely with loved ones. I am lost in how anyone can be okay with some of his decisions. I am getting off FB for a bit. You can email me or message me. Love you.

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