Ohhhhh…you just never know when Spirit has a message for someone. It’s magical when the filtering system stops working and you allow God to speak through you for the benefit of another. It’s one of those moments that having intuition feels like a healing gift rather than a curse. When you get a message don’t hinder or alter it. Say it to another, even if it sounds ridiculous, even if it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not for you to decipher. You will witness the touch of someone’s heart being opened through love. It happens all the time! Don’t allow yourself the scrutiny of judgment to stop you from telling another how amazing they are…how much they are worth in this life…and how special their loved ones think they are. Don’t dim your light because another person might just need it to light their path for a little while. We are all connected on this small blue-green planet.

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