Intricate Exposure



I remember

you and me

tangled in those sheets,

dismantling each others’

armors and weapons

built through a lifetime

of heart break.

Your hands grabbed

the walls of my subconscious,

fondling the lining of emotions.

And in an instance

you found

all of my essence

swimming in the blue

of the duvet cover

exposed to each particle

of your soul

without the fabric

of skin

to hide beneath

every secret of our pasts.

The sun stood at guard

while the warmth

of embraces

evoked the final gasps

exhaled from true love’s

final cry

and leaving

shadows on a bed

we will never visit again.

17 thoughts on “Intricate Exposure

  1. There was once a little boy going by a car with his parents. His mother watched him where he was gazing long and intensely out the window, barely not blinking with his eyes.
    – What are you staring at, she asked?
    – I’m waiting to see the train, he said, because along the road there was a railroad following mile by mile.
    – But there is now trains there anymore, the railroad is closed, she said.
    The boy then turned his eyes to his mother and said: you can always hope!

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