Amongst Me



Here                          I am

the answers to some of your hidden world.

I can offer








unconditional and forever.


You are not alone

amongst me                and the outer layers

of my passionate heart.

I am debating

with the no’s

expecting the anguish

to turn everything to yes…

to the way things were before we met

but they can’t             you made a huge indention

in the way I now perceive life.


Let it go

and find the answers to your own yes…

they are all there

inside your carefully guarded heart

awaiting your spirit to come and join

and embrace Divinity with complete assurance.


Secrets of the heart

come            and      go

like water falling into a stream

without hesitation,

without force –


things just are what they are

once you surrender…

once you cease control.


I can avoid us              if that’s what you really want.

I can leave from this,


I can’t run from me        or my certainties

of all the yeses

only because you can’t reach that in yourself –

I know my truth…


I see your light,

you are amongst me

now     and      then    tirelessly.

13 thoughts on “Amongst Me

  1. uuuuhhhh, really like this…the words, how often have i felt the same…
    Thanks for the follow, hope you like and enjoy my writing.
    wish you a wondeful day

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