Love Letter

In the midst of all turmoil
I find love folding over us
like a love letter
sealed with a kiss
and fragrance with
the sweetest smell of lust.

I find your words wrapped
around my skin
in continuous poetic phrases
savoring my very essence.

I find your tongue licking
my paragraphs and whispering
sweet and dirty nothings
before signing your name
on my back
and folding me in tiny pieces
to carry in your pocket.

15 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. Debbie

    Millie ..sweet friend and neighbor..I do believe your move to these magical mountains has unleashed the writer inside of you and I am soo happy for you …your words are beautiful sentiments of your soul..thanks for sharing with all of us and yes it was a great idea for you to start this blog..Love you ….

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