Contrary to what some people think, I don’t have my shit together. Actually, I don’t think I ever will. Often times I am a riddle embraced by silliness. I don’t take myself seriously and I am always shocked that someone else does. I am not religious or political. I don’t believe I am any label at one given moment. I am moved by something larger than life but really can’t label that either. I haven’t a clue how things should be run except through compassion. I don’t understand why we have wars and how so many humans are moved through hate when all we came here to do is love. I believe in love. This I know for sure.

I’m a hippie at heart but not completely because I am way too responsible to let things go so easily. I’m kinda neurotic with myself and no one else. I am a mother but still see myself as a kid. I am a traveler who has been in one place for way too long. I write- A LOT- but not enough to consider myself a writer. I am a collector of thoughts, words and stories but only share a tiny portion of those treasures. I am selfish with my alone time and yet I enjoy folks around me. I spend more time looking at the sky than sleeping at night. I am a dreamer and observer of things that most people would consider crazy. I love the universe and this planet but I don’t go around sharing everything I see and feel and taste and hear. I stopped analyzing shit the day I died and for some unknown reason I came back with more love. I feel we don’t always find our purpose in this world because the purpose is who we are and not what we need to do. 

At the end of the day we are rarely what others perceive us to be. We are all illusions bumping into others whether on social media or in person. We only show a piece of the whole. Never assume you know the entirety. That’s just arrogance. We believe what we choose to accept as our own. Our worlds consist of a lot more than the words and pictures we share. 

There is always depth, vulnerability and lots of hot messes. Be kind. Be open and love each other entirely. That is who you are created to be.

8 thoughts on “Entirety 

  1. Indeed!
    I often find myself saying, when presented with the atrocities mankind bestows upon one another, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    I can’t comprehend how any person or country can forget the humanity of another, and commit murder, or wage war… I simply cannot comprehend it.

    Then I have to remind myself that I can’t change THE world, but I can change MY world… and put as much love out there as possible.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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