The Ebb of You


This tide

keeps me coming

back to you

over and over

with waves of emotions

through a thousand years

cleaning out the ocean floor

of memories,

smoothing out the

rough edged lines

and making the path

to new ones.

You are familiarity,


like a pair of old jeans,

full of holes,

and stretched to the core.

You are tattoos of

dragonflies and sunflowers

inked on a strong back

waiting for my hands

to trace over and over.

You smell like sincerity,



and taste like lemon honey.

I don’t have to decipher

your thoughts

because I read you,

I know you….

I am completely me

in a safe haven

loving myself through

the eyes of love

that stare back at me

with a smile

even when we

are not together…
even when you

no longer



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