Touching each other through kindness

can against guardrail

There is more good than hate in the world. At least I want to believe that kindness overshadows all the bad out there.

Yesterday I was leaving my house to go get Kali at the sitters and there was a man full of tattoo’s sitting on the guardrails across the street. His motorcycle was off. He was looking down at the ground. I stopped, rolled my window down and asked if he was okay or needed anything. This shocked him. His eyes watered. He was somewhat profoundly astonished. Seriously. He said, “Ma’am, just sitting taking a break and smoking my cigarette. But, Ma’am, thank you for stopping and asking. Folks don’t do that these days. They could care less.”

I said to him, “I care and I believe people do care. Everyone is just in their own world.” He came closer to the car, shook my hand and said, “God bless you.” I said it back and I left. He was a kind man. The depth of his soul was beautiful reflecting through his blue eyes. I’m sure because of appearances he intimidates people.

As I drove off something at that moment made me realize the disconnection of who we are and what we are to others. It is terribly sad. Are we living in a world that disregards others but we are consumed by news and world affairs? We say we want to help the world but refuse to take time to help the ones nearby. Are we so self absorbed with our own stories that we don’t care to look around us?

I wasn’t suppose to hear his story although as I drove off I was tempted to turn around, get out of the car and take time to ask his name. The lesson was just in a moment of exchange for both of us. The profound connection of two people acknowledging presence. And, isn’t that all we want? We just want to be seen, heard, and felt.

God provides us with endless opportunities to show compassion and kindness. When it shows up you evolve because of those encounters. Have a blessed day.

7 thoughts on “Touching each other through kindness

  1. Rainee

    Beautiful post! I had a special moment a week or so ago. I was at the beauty therapist and we talked at length at such a deep level. I was really touched by the experience.

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