A Pause

I’ve had a heck of a week and busy weekend. But, I don’t want to forget to celebrate this amazing life by staying present. I have to make sure to be mindful of those around me who are not on the same path, or who believe in things I might not understand, or who are just unhappy and at this moment can’t see light. No! I don’t want to forget that everyone has a story and regardless how busy I am, or continue to be, I can pause and thank a person for being in my life. 
On the way into work at 5:30am Friday I stopped at Starbucks for coffee. There was this bodacious gorgeous young woman waiting for her order. She must have been at least 6’3″ or taller. Oh my gosh she was standing there in all her beauty and I went up to her and said, “You are one of the most beautiful souls I’ve seen in the past few days.” She looked down at me smiling and shocked. She was speechless. So I said it again so she could take it all in. She paused. Her eyes teared up. She said that she had not heard that in a long time. 

She told me she was a first grade teacher. We talked about the dedication and importance of teaching. Her green eyes lit and her face became soft. She was just magnificent. I hugged her tightly. She cried again. 

And this is the pause. This is the exquisiteness of connecting and providing a reminder to a another of their presence. This is all we require to feel connected. 

Do it. Be it. Send love. I am always shocked and deeply surprised that most folks don’t see their beauty. They don’t see their greatness. They don’t see others acknowledging from a distance. 

Have a wonderful evening. Make this week extra special and extraordinary.

2 thoughts on “A Pause

  1. Rainee

    What a gift you gave that lady! I had someone stop in the street one day and say how much they liked my outfit. I was really touched and think of her every time I wear it. 🙂 xx

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