You never know who’s watching 

I see a middle-age woman almost every morning at Starbucks. She sits with her coffee and a book way in the back as early as 5:15AM. Yesterday, after months of seeing her from a distance, I went up to her and introduced my self. She told me her name. I told her mine and we shook hands. I also told her that I was sorry for not introducing myself months ago. She smiled. She said that each morning she needs this centering time before work. And then the tables turned and she asked me, “How do you do it every day? You are always so happy and upbeat. How can you be this awake so early? Are you always full of laughter?”
I laughed (again) a little taken aback. I’m usually the one asking the questions. I’m usually the one observing others and witnessing the human spirit at its best. I can conjure up many stories from afar through gestures and energy. I don’t even need to speak to anyone. 

“It’s a privilege to be alive and I don’t take it for granted. Here we are today, right now. Tomorrow might never come. Besides what’s the alternative?”

“Everyone knows you and welcomes you so happy!”

I smiled. There is a great crew in the morning. They know how I like my drinks. It’s not a great mystery. I didn’t share that. I just stood there laughing.

My coffee order was ready. I said my goodbyes. She said hers. She returned to her book, and I saw her smile while shaking her head. She didn’t notice I was still observing her from afar. 

This morning I said “hello” and she smiled enthusiastically taking in my energy. It almost seemed as if she was waiting….

And that’s how it is, folks. You never know who really sees you, who you are jolting from afar, and who notices the energy you embrace (at 5AM). Be mindful. People live through our examples. Leave a trail of glitter and show the world how wonderful it is to be alive. And if you can’t leave sparkles then at least leave a kind word. It might be the one thing they need in order to keep going.

••Photo courtesy of Google images. 

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